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Simplifying Storage with Single-Package, Single-Location

Instead of dumping common parts all in the same bin, storing individual packages in unique locations brings huge benefits to any operation.

Electronics manufacturing is a fast-paced environment where efficiency and organization are crucial for success. Storing SMT reels properly is a key aspect of maintaining a smooth production process. "Single-Package, Single-Location" is a philosophy that is designed to streamline storage by emphasizing the importance of tracking and efficiently accessing your material. In this blog post, we will explore common challenges associated with typical Rack-and-Bin storage, and the advantages of embracing the Single-Package, Single-Location approach.

But first, what is a package?

For these purposes, a package is the smallest grouping of components that is stored and picked as one item. Most commonly in the SMT world this would be something like a reel, a tray, a stack of PCBs, etc. But, the definition of a package can change depending on the context! For very high-volume operations, a package in the warehouse might be a box filled with dozens of identical reels. In other contexts a package might be a single strip of cut-tape.

Eliminate Inventory Uncertainty

Storing multiple packages together in one bin can create confusion and uncertainty when managing inventory. Determining how many parts are stored in a given location can be a daunting task without manual audits, especially when multiple open packages are involved. This can lead to inventory management headaches and increased labor costs.

Sing-Package, Single-Location solves these challenges by allocating a designated location for each individual reel. This simple change makes it much easier to monitor inventory levels and manage stock effectively.

Improve Picking Times

When multiple reels are stored together, operators must sort through a cluttered bin to find the parts they need for production. This results in increased labor spent picking material, and longer waits on material at the production line, reducing OEE. In any manufacturing operation these delays can accumulate, resulting in longer production times and decreased productivity.

By adopting a Single-Package, Single-Location storage system, manufacturers can optimize picking processes. Operators can quickly locate the exact parts they need without searching through a disorganized mix of reels, significantly reducing picking times and enhancing overall efficiency. With dense, space-saving systems, manufacturers can further reduce material handling time by locating their parts right at the production lines, often eliminating kitting processes altogether.

Eliminate Human Errors

Storing multiple reels together in the same bin raises the likelihood of human errors. Operators may inadvertently pick the wrong reel, whether it's the wrong quantity, the wrong manufacturer, or the wrong date code. These errors can have serious consequences, causing delays, emergency buys, rework, and even product recalls.

Single-Package, Single-Location storage systems help to eliminate human errors by ensuring operators identify and pick the right reel from the right location. With a smart storage system, operators can be confident they have the right components before proceeding with the next steps in the production process.

Closing Thoughts

Storing multiple SMT reel packages together in the same location presents several challenges, including increased inventory uncertainty, longer picking times, and a higher risk of human errors. By adopting the Single-Package, Single-Location storage philosophy, electronic manufacturers can address these issues and enhance the efficiency of their production processes. When combined with a Smart Storage System, this approach not only ensures accurate inventory tracking but also streamlines the picking process and reduces the chances of errors, ultimately leading to a more reliable and efficient manufacturing operation.

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